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During an unmeasurable amount of time, a light particle roamed the universe with no purpose until it was struck by one of the most powerful forces in the universe: luck.

This particle of light which housed unimaginable amounts of energy collided with The Crystal in a remote corner of the universe and thus awakens Eyvor, the Creator, originating all life and materialization of the stars.


After awakening, Eyvor perceives that his mere existence is able to germinate the seeds of life, he then understands what is his purpose. He creates his first four children: Laneria, Syrinia, Caeli and Ardt, each one with its unique ability to spread life.

United, they terraform the first star.


After contemplating the splendor and potential of his creations, Eyvor proclaims that his children must travel among the stars and spread the gift of life until they create the perfect world.

However, his children did not possess the same gift of astral walking, ingeniously, Eyvor develops a way for his beloved children to follow him among the stars. Thus were created the first astral anchors or Gates.


Long after the departure, Laneria, Syrinia, Caeli and Ardt fulfill their goals and create the perfect world: Cohr.

In this world Eyvor creates Humanity, chosen as the new protectors of Cohr and gifted with free will. However, the gods soon discover the unpredictability of humankind and the consequence of their choices.

War ravages the world of Cohr and turns the gods away from their creations.


Humanity continued to wage war, while a dark force grew in a remote corner of the universe. The Void launches their first attack on Cohr.

Reluctantly humanity forges an alliance capable of stopping this attack, however, evil finds a way.

The kingdom of the North unwillingly opens new doors to the Void and during the invasion the unexplainable happens: where once stood a kingdom, now laid a giant Monolith.


Long after the great explosion, the Void once again threatens the world of Cohr. The dark Monolith pulses with malignant energy and there is only one hope against the coming dark:

You, commander, encased in a crystal until the world had need of you.

Awaken, unite with powerful allies, protect the Grand Gate and the world of Cohr.

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