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Grand Gate® is a new type of Tower Defense mixed with RPG elements.


A TD RPG Experience


Summon your towers. Defend yourself from the Gateborn, sworn enemies of humanity. Discover the secrets of the Grand Gate.

  • Challenging gameplay:

Discover a thrilling, fast paced TD game, carefully designed to keep you on your toes. Be prepared to strategize on the fly, encounter many enemy archetypes and utilize the environment through our Sandbox design.

  • Customize your towers:

Unlock many types of customization options by beating our toughest challenges.

  • Built for replayability:

Play through our epic campaign and try out new difficulty modes that will challenge even the most seasoned commanders.

  • Loaded with content:

Enjoy 60+ carefully handcrafted maps with difficulty options that go beyond a simple switch.




Your tower roster is composed of the legends of the Grand Gate universe and its pawns. With a total 25 towers, each with their own unique abilities, you're sure to find a strategy that suits your playstyle!

As a commander you will choose how best to use your towers through their skills. All legends have access to three unique skills:

  • Burst skills are active abilities that will change the tide of battle.

  • Link skills enhance the power of linked pawns.

  • Passive skills are the unique mechanics of each legend.

While pawns are focused on specific roles such as healing, area damage or slowing down enemies... combine them with your preferred legends to create unique strategies!

Beyond skills, the commander can also modify the elemental affinity of a legend's weapon enabling them to scorch their enemies, bleed them out or crush their defenses.


You can also upgrade your pawns in the battlefield. All pawns are able to evolved into their tier 2 form by spending shards. Strategize when and which tower should be upgraded to maximize their efficiency.


Pirate Duelist


Pirate Captain




When is Grand Gate launching?

Grand gate is launching for PC between october to december 2023. (Q4 2023)


What are the PC requirements?

We have not dialed in the technical requirements for the game. However, we're aiming to have this running smoothly (1080p, 60fps) with the following specs:

  • GTX 1050 or AMD equivalent

  • Ryzen 5 1600 or Intel equivalent

  • 8 GB RAM


There is no currently planned multiplayer component, Grand Gate is fully focused on being the best singleplayer tower defense available.

When can we expect to hear more?

Keep an eye out on our Social media and in our blog posts. We'll occasionally get into the nitty-gritty of Grand Gate's inner workings or sometimes just share cool news, you can also reach us in the Steam Forums and social media platforms.


Who is building Grand Gate?

Grand gate is being built by Golden Glove Studio in Unreal Engine 5. We're a very small team of passionate Brazilians and this is our first game.

Grand Gate was born out of the desire to learn how to make games and so we have set out to make a rich, fun and deep experience that recaptures the spark of playing the old TD mods in Warcraft 3 with new modern twists and innovations.

You can contact us at

How can I support development?

For now: wishlist us and spread the word! This game is a labor of love from our very small team, we're counting on you <3

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